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Our Services

Whether it's hiring our production crew to cover your event , speaker sessions, firesides or vox pop or our turn key live stream kits including training & consulting to get you producing quality social media live broadcasts. We'll take your productions to the next level.

Professional Live Streaming

Live Social Video Production

Our experienced team with over 3000+ live social video streams at over 100+ events from around the world. From full multi camera streams of your event, speakers, firesides, learning, media conference, product launches sporting event to our ask us about our DIY kits and training packages to have you streaming like a pro.

Training and Consulting

Ready to start your streaming project but not sure where to begin? Hire us to train you on how to put together your hardware and how to use it to create impressive videos.

Studio Streaming

Visit our state of the art Bangkok studio to stream and produce your very own show. Our expert producers and moderators will work with you to get the most professional results possible.

DIY & Consulting

Ask us about our custom stream kit for your specific requirements and training covering audio, production, interview techniques, streaming, camera angles, framing, exposure, encoding device software, syndication & distribution.


Monetize your live streams and reach our global audience through our LIVE stream platform Subscribers or pay per view, our system will handle the billing and payment. You just register your event wiht us.

No live stream is too small or too big for us. From bite-size vox pop social videos to long-form live events, we're masters of live streaming. What can we help you to live stream & share with the world?

Our Clients